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AimChart is a web-based tool for measuring and visualizing the learning of individuals so that instruction becomes more effective and efficient-so that people can learn more of what they need more quickly. AimChart adheres to the standards of Dr. O.R. Lindsley's proven Precision Teaching system. With this method, learners and their teachers can rapidly see changes in performance, or learning, and hence know how to proceed. Student learning, graphically displayed on the AimChart website, guides important classroom decisions regarding curricula, instruction, time allocation, and a multitude of student variables (e.g., "Did students learn the intended standards?", "Do I need to rethink this lesson?", "Do some students need to move on to the next lesson?", "Does Janice meet her learning goals more consistently when she shares her progress with the rest of the class?").

AimChart supports educators who measure student performance each day and desire a rapid, user-friendly way to collect, store, display, analyze, and share these data for decision-making related to student learning. Important stakeholders include students, teachers, administrators, and parents. Persons who have already learned Dr. Lindsley's Precision Teaching system can easily use it and AimChart as appropriate for different situations, as AimChart adheres closely to the standards that Dr. Lindsley established.

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  Dr. Lindsley

October 10, 2004, the educational and scientific communities lost Dr. Ogden R. Lindsley, the developer of the Precision Teaching system upon which AimChart is based, and a brilliant innovator and researcher. Ogden was a student of B.F Skinner's, and was deeply impressed by the power of Skinner's cumulative records to reveal how behavior worked. When Ogden moved to the world of education, he developed the Standard Behavior Chart, a system for visualizing change in behavior that is practical to use in the classroom. With the Chart, learners can be helped to learn more, since learning is directly displayed. Using the Chart has made possible many discoveries about learning, much communication about effective methods, and helped many people learn. We hope that Aimchart, by adhering to Dr. Lindsley's standards for data display, can facilitate additional discoveries, and help even more people access and further develop the powerful technology that he created. More information about this great scientist and helper can be found at: www.abainternational.org/sub/membersvcs/journals-pubs/newsletter/vol281/ogdenlindsley.asp